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Okay look up

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Okay look up

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Consider this dialogue: "Let's meet again this afternoon. The misspelled abbreviation Oay have implied illiteracy to some, and OK was generally avoided in anything but business contexts, or in fictional dialogue by characters deemed to be rustic or illiterate. Within a decade, people began actually marking OK on documents and using OK on the telegraph to al that all was well. There will be times when that's perfectly acceptable and even necessary.

As part of your preparation, become upp familiar with every part of your presentation.

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You won't find OK in prepared speeches. It's not that it Okkay needed to "fill a gap" in any language. Instead, you should work to internalize your presentation, focusing on the ideas behind the words. That will leave you standing there, without a lifeline. And yet, despite its conquest of conversations the world over, there remain vast areas of language where OK is scarcely to be found.

There are exceptions, but for the most part you should not read notes word-for-word, as if reading from a script. Some of the most successful people in the world are the ones who've had the most failures. Use large enough letters that let you read easily from a distance without having to examine your notes up close, as if under a microscope. Allow yourself a moment to absorb what's there. Our consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have about presenting in real-life situations.

Needless to say, neither of these found a permanent place in the language. Ordinarily a word so odd, so distinctive from others, wouldn't be allowed Okau a language to begin with. It is also one of the oddest expressions ever invented. Indeed, by and large American writers of fiction avoided OK pu, even those like Mark Twain who freely used slang. It takes your eye focus away from the audience, where it should be, and shifts it to the script, where it should not be.

But in the 20th Century OK moved from margin to mainstream, gradually becoming a staple of nearly everyone's conversation, no longer looked on as illiterate or slang. Its true origin was gradually forgotten. The answer to that is an emphatic NO!

It also causes you to lose normal voice inflection. May not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast for any commercial purpose without specific written permission. And that's one reason it's so successful.

So OK had found its niche, being loko to say or write and also distinctive enough to be clear. We generally spell it OK - the spelling okay is relatively recent, and still relatively rare - and we pronounce it not "ock" but by sounding the names of the letters O and K.

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For one thing, it's just about impossible to remember everything, which all but guarantees that you'll come up blank at some point. Presentations skills: using notes Ask the Experts Q. So OK is a very distinctive combination of very familiar elements.

Whatever you use, make sure you lay out your notes for easy reading. Then turn from your notes, look at your audience, and speak. Besides, these pauses have another benefit: they allow your listeners a moment to absorb what you've just said. These pauses invariably seem to you, the speaker, to last longer than they do to the audience.

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What's more, using notes as a script reduces your chances of connecting with your audience, for several reasons. How 'OK' took over the world Published 18 February image captionOK is everywhere, used every day It crops up in our speech dozens of loik every day, although it apparently means little.

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I was told that using notes makes me seem unsure of my material. It began with the now low-tech teleprompter and moved on to encompass such things as laptop screens, color printouts, and PDA devices that can zoom to large-size font, among lokk tools.

The Difference Between Texting K, OK and Kk, Explained - InsideHook

Use our Tell Us form to submit your question. It's acceptable also to read from notes pook other instances, for example, when you're drawing upon quotations or statistics that must be used accurately and precisely, or reading a policy statement or a Okaay announcement that must be delivered as written. Modern English translations of the Bible remain almost entirely OK-free. Or you can begin by attending our core skills seminar, Executive Presentations.

There are the "old-school" techniques that still work for many speakers. The answer is yes. That's almost certain to give the impression that you're unsure of your material — or u doubts about your expert status. Both of these — proper eye focus and voice inflection — are among the keys to an effective presentation.

Should you memorize? For most Oiay, it's a sure recipe for disaster. It's a word that looks and sounds like an abbreviation, an acronym. On 23 MarchOK was introduced to the world on the second of the Boston Morning Post, in the midst of a long paragraph, as "o.