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We also discussed tonitht interests we might both enjoy. The evening newspaper drag and the television channel switching became unimportant as we learned more about each other.

These evenings began to add new spice to our relationship. The theme was hobbies. After glancing over our schedules, we realized we had only done two things together all day—eat breakfast and dinner.

This section of the game brought new levels of understanding and love. We then marked down the time we spent together and what we did.

Qualities and Quirks The following evening after the children Les in bed, we played the second segment of our game. Harvest of Hobbies The fourth day of our toniight game was one of the finest activities my husband and I have ever spent together. After talking over the aspects of our schedules, we could see more clearly that changing the times we did some things—such as washing the dishes or cleaning—could give us more time together.

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We may next take up walking, gardening, or any one of a dozen hobbies we have found in common. The purpose of this section was to help us understand how others see us, and to help others understand how we see ourselves.

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Clean house, make beds, sweep floor, vacuum. The common activity some hobbies require can bring deeper understanding to a relationship. Xtart was only available in the UK and West Germany, and can be seen as the predecessor to Miscellaneous Twhich includes all of the tracks from this release and an additional track, "Hello Radio".

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I said about myself that I was helpful, meaning that I did things around the house like making the beds, washing the dishes, etc. Now, write ten complimentary qualities about yourself and five negative aspects of your personality; and after the second set of s list ten of my positive Letts traits and five negative traits. It seems occasionally we get so caught up in our day-to-day activities that we forget to see the other person as an individual having feelings and desires.

from one to ten twice under the positive heading and from one to five twice under the negative heading. Song notes[ edit ] "untitled" is not actually a song, but tnight snippet of a recording inadvertently left on the Dial-A-Song answering machine, in which a confused listener named Letss talks to an unknown third party about the mystery of "There May Be Giants" and "There Must Be Giants", as she mistakenly refers to the band.

And we will want to discuss whether our activities cause conflicts for each other so we can solve them. Our first experiments have been works to behold, but we will keep trying.